Working Stiffs

Working Stiffs game

Ask anyone with a regular 9 to 5 job and an hour long commute and they will tell you that the typical office place is basically 'Hell on Earth' (Doom style!). There are tyrannical bosses, insane deadlines, gossipy co-workers, and that never ending game of office-politics that feels almost as bloody as the dark ages. If these factors alone were not enough to amp up the pressure of being in an office, imagine what happens when you add a zombie virus to the mix! Working Stiffs is all about the employees working late night at an office while a zombie outbreak occurs, so instead of filing papers and submitting reports, their main goal is to find all the other survivors and make it out of the building alive –and hopefully, with all limbs intact.

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Zombie At The Gates

Zombie At The Gates Game

We have all imagined a zombie apocalypse –running around the ruins of civilization and scavenging any resources we could find. The idea is simple and is easily adapted to a game format. Put it in a medieval scenario however, and you have the recipe for fun! Not that the undead have been absent from tales of knights and kingdoms –ghouls are a pretty staple dungeon creature to be encountered by intrepid adventurers. But when a king himself decides to take arms, it certainly makes for a completely different kind of story! Zombies at the Gates will have you in control of the king as he fends off the flesh-hungry undead from taking over his lands.

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