Earn to Die 2 Hacked Game

Earn to Die 2 Hacks:

All purchases and upgrades give you extra money plus you get unlimited ammunition.

Play earn to die 2

Play Earn to Die 2 Hacked

Mow down zombies, it's that simple!

In Earn to Die 2 the aim is simple - to crush and run over zombies in your big jeep to achieve cash and upgrades. Being a 2d based game the game play is simple with your truck driving in one direction - forward.

Upgrading your jeep is vital in order to survive longer.

You can unlock two different vehicles in the game as well as driving the car you start with. All vehicles can be upgraded with many different addons which make your vehicle more lethal when crushing zombies.

As well as being an upgrade car game Earn to Die 2 is a physics based game because you get to smash into all sorts of barriers and watch the surroundings going flying through the air. The car also crashes down well with suspension effects making this game feel more realistic than some the distance games out there.

The distance you travel dictates how much you get paid to be able to spend on the upgrades. However this version of the game allows you unlimited upgrades and infinite ammo. If you want a the none hacked version that offers more of a challenge click here.